Powerful Review Capture!

Carefully Timed Emails Sent to Your Customers

Starcatcher is customizable to that you can time your emails perfectly. Want to send an email 7 days after purchase? It’s easily done. You can even request a customer review after a customer has returned hire equipment.

Fully Customizable Email and Webpage Templates

Our easy to use interface allows you to add your company logo and craft the communication you want your customers to receive. But if you are happy to use our default settings, then they work just fine!

Spam and Profanity Filtering System

Not only can you change the content of your emails you can schedule when they go out. This gives you every chance to get feedback from your customers.

Connects and Checks!

Import Your Customer Details From Over 700 Applications

Starcatcher works with Zapier, Apiant, Automate.io  and Microsoft Flow via Google Sheets. So this means you can import customer details from over 700 applications automatically. We show you how easy it is to connect your apps to Starcatcher.

Able to Post Reviews to Over 400 Sites

Our software lets you send customers to the most influential review sites in your industry. We have every site that you need to get noticed and more importantly get customers.

Monitors the Web for Your New Reviews

We are constantly monitoring the reveiw sites. This means that when you get a new review it appears in your dashboard so you know exactly what is happening out there on the web.

Stable and Scalable

Robust Platform Supports from 1 to 50,000 Businesses

Starcatcher is built to scale. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small corner store or a global chain of franchises, Starcatcher gets you reviews and can handle the workload.

High Availability Solution in 3 Global DataCenters

To ensure maximum availability we built our software on an incredibly robust and reliable platform. That means the absolute minimum amount of downtime.

Fast Delivery of Your Key Information

Starcatcher does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.  Our back end systems update data in real time so that you know exactly what is happening.

Automation and Testing

A/B Testing of Email Feedback Requests

Sometimes you want to test your emails to see if you can increase response rate. With A/B testing you know which emails work best for your business.

A/B Testing of Feedback Pages

Just like emails, web page tweaks can improve your chances of getting another review. Our solution makes this a reality.

New Business Setup Wizard

Adding a new business to Starcatcher could not be easier. Our setup Wizard holds you by  the hand and takes you throughout the process. step by step.